Vogue Bury St Edmunds Flooring

Suffolks premium flooring retailer since 1982

Vogue Floors is a small independent family run business based in the historic town of Bury St Edmunds. Our business was established back in 1982 by my Dad Mike Arnold. I have always been encouraged to take a keen interest in the business so it was inevitable that I follow in his footsteps along with my partner and director Sean porter. The business is still very much alive and our fresh blood has kicked it into the 21st century but with the same old principles of personal professional service.

Over the years we have seen recessions come and go and the last 18 months battling through the lockdowns that Covid 19 has put upon us but we are still here to offer a unique combination of services.
We have avoided being drawn into the give away market like many of the larger companies, we do not inflate prices to then advertise large discounts which in our eyes is immoral.

We at Vogue over the years have built up a healthy customer base and have been doing work for 2nd and even 3rd generations of customers which makes us very proud. We also have long standing relationships with local builders, schools, colleges and nursing homes who get us back time and time again.